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Viewing: Day Of Defeat: Source
Bringing The Competitive World Together
Day Of Defeat Source has been a competitive first person shooter for a good number of years. Since it was first released it has been featured by many leagues and has attracted a strong realism and public community. The competitive side of Day Of Defeat Source has had its ups and downs since the rise and fall of the CALeague. Also many regions of the world have formed their own leagues and communities to enjoy the competition.

Recently this has come to the attention of the Founder and he began a project to bring the world competitve Day Of Defeat Source communities together under one flag so that ideas would be spread easier. He also hoped that the news of teams could be announced on a world scale, announce the release of new videos and maps, and help spread the latest news, predictions, and results of different leagues around the world.

As the community shrank and grew the want and need for an organized community page was becoming very prevelant. The Day Of Defeat: Source Competitive Network was created to bring the world of competitive Day Of Defeat: Source to one place. The DCN was created. From there a league was formed to emulate the CALeague experience. As the site grew it also incorporated an Agency to help players find teams and teams find players.

After seeing the affect the DCN has had on DOD:S, other games came to the founder to see if it can be done for their game. With that want to bring back in the fold the community based league, The Competitive Network was created. The founder wanted to create a CALeague type of experience but instead of using dollars he wanted to create it using community.

A gaming community is only as good as the community support it recieves. The TCN is the first tool to help make gaming communities better and grow. This is our mission. This is our drive.