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S11 Playoffs Information
S11 Playoffs Information 08-04-2015, 07:31 PM (This post was last modified: 08-11-2015 01:12 AM by Rab .)
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Post Greetings all,

We will be having a one week break between regular season and playoffs to allow for any make-up matches for ffw's and unplayed matches only. The last day to play a make-up match or change rosters will be this Sunday (8/09/15), after that rosters will lock for playoffs. Matches played against the same team to cover a no show will be accepted as long as they are played on different maps. To report a make-up match either contact an admin to have the match listed or post the screenshots of post-game scores in the "Scheduling" section of the forums. In total 8 teams will be eligible for this seasons playoffs.

8/12/15 - POW1 - [dod_argentan]
8/19/15 - POW2 - [dod_lennon]
8/26/15 - POW3 - [BO3 Vote]

These are the final standings with corrected point totals since the main site's standings are messed up:

11 | Fire & Blood
10 | SFLQ
8 | 151
8 | AfriKINGS

7 | Pink Dragon (dead)
6 | G Skill
4 | 6 Pool
4 | Dods Bro

4 | Thunder Ducks (dead)
2 | IA (dead)
2 | Surprise in a Box (semi active)

1 | Kliq (dead)
1 | eGO

Russian / East EU teams were not included because of the time difference and scheduling issues from that.

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RE: S11 Playoffs Information 08-10-2015, 10:02 PM
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Post Side note
Team Surprise in the box [?] will be around to fill-in for any team that cannot make it on Wednesday night

(04-11-2012 01:43 PM) Shawn Wrote: I'm jacked and I go outside and I don't care about dead games
Manu Ginobili Wrote: Looks like he is trigger botting imo. His crosshair always hits on specific spot.
Pretty sure arachnid and kage are using the same cheat.
Don would be a person of interest. Need to keep an eye out.
Winters Wrote: I'd jump on the trigger bot bandwagon.
usmc20 Wrote: I agree also....we are going to have to keep and eye out for arachnid
Ze0n Wrote: thing to notice on both arachnid and kage is their avoidance of the hole in ticket and how they seem to know always when a guy is peaking from there. Also the trigger botting is much more prominent.
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