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League Rules
Here you can find the rules for the entire league as well as the seperate sections of the The Competitive Network League. To start off with please familiarize yourself with these rules. As a competitive gamer playing in this league, you are held to a higher standard and are expected to abide be these rules at all times while you compete. Lets get started.

- TCN League - Global League Rules

The rules stated below are for the seperate sections of TCN League. Any rules stated in the sections below overturn any rules stated in the Basic Rules unless else where stated.

- TCN DOD:S 6vs6 Division Rules
- TCN DOD:S Realism Division Rules
- TCN DOD:S Realism Mid Lines

Also we have started building a list of illegal CVars and commands that may not be used or altered for game play.

- TCN DOD:S League Illegal CVars

Below is the TCN League User Agreement for all users that register with the website.

- TCN League User Agreement