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Team Static
Tag: staTIC |
Team Static
Current Division: Open
Server Connect Info:; password static
Team Description:
Killing for pleasure

hydroz Player
Mookie STEAM_0:1:10292592 Player
Cuddles332 STEAM_0:0:21571945 Player
hippie STEAM_0:0:53594838 Leader
fivall STEAM_0:0:6024090 Player
Bergen88 STEAM_0:1:13481074 Player
raney STEAM_0:1:16662578 Captain
roberts STEAM_0:0:20940704 Player
trancedd STEAM_0:0:18545578 Player

Week Home Team Vs. Away Team Score
PWk1 Team Static Vs. Bots 50 > 0
PWk2 Disposable Soldiers Vs. Team Static 0 = 0
Wk1 Team Static Vs. Insolent pt.3 71 < 665
Wk2 Team Static Vs. USS Enterpise-D 59 < 249
Wk3 The Breakfast Club Vs. Team Static 34 < 100
Wk4 Team Static Vs. Suprise In A Box 50 > 0