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Immortal Alliance
Tag: |iA|
Immortal Alliance
Current Division: Open
Server Connect Info:
connect; password letsgo
Team Description:

Justiny0 STEAM_0:0:16944453 Player
JukEboX STEAM_0:1:1491044 Captain
tool STEAM_0:0:338086 Player
thoughtriot* STEAM_0:0:336128 Player
ZIZOU STEAM_0:1:12093780 Player
Imknifes STEAM_0:0:614437 Player
gunho STEAM_0:0:902054 Leader
Antnerd STEAM_0:0:6013791 Player
blitz57 STEAM_0:0:448300 Player
guzzler STEAM_0:1:33711957 Player
guzzler STEAM_0:1:33711957 Player

Week Home Team Vs. Away Team Score
PWk1 Immortal Alliance Vs. Surprise In A Box 147 > 30
PWk2 Do You Even DoDs Bro Vs. Immortal Alliance 289 < 368
Wk1 Immortal Alliance Vs. YoLo 50 > 0
Wk2 Immortal Alliance Vs. gskiLL 50 > 0
Wk3 Immortal Alliance Vs. Le Aura
Wk4 Proof 151 Vs. Immortal Alliance 822 > 90
Wk5 EdgeGamers Organization Vs. Immortal Alliance 50 > 0
Wk6 6 Pool Rush! Vs. Immortal Alliance
Wk7 Serendipity the Pink Dragon Vs. Immortal Alliance 50 > 0