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Soooo,after some bugreports,ideas and suggestions out of the public and competive EU / US community i will relase now the final version of dod_boulder.


-Changed Allied & Axis Spawnarea
-Tweaked Flag-Layout
-Deleted many camperspots
-Optimized Map-layout
-Overview added
-Fixed some Exploitz
-Fixed some bugs

Maybe there are still some things to do that i may forgot/dont see or otherwise maybe dont want to see
All major & nearly all minor thing are done
and im running out of time and so its time for final.

Again i had to say THX to Splatt and the whole US & EU Com for supporting me and all the other mappers out there with a great Maptesting & bugreporting. Thumbs up guys !

Have fun with my first map dod_boulder
Released On 2013-03-26 21:06:34