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TCN Realism Season 2 - Playoff Results & Off-Season
Greetings Commanders,

We'd like to officially announce the champions of TCN Realism Season 2 : The 10th Mountain Division ! It was a great playoffs overall and every unit in it truly deserved to be there - it was a strong top 4.

Thanks to all those who competed this season, the staff, and all those who helped make it fun for everyone who played! Hopefully competitions like this can help pave the way for more competitive DoDS realism in the future! With around a dozen active units out there at the moment, we believe there is room to grow.

With that said, Season 3 is slated to begin September of this year . So get those drills going! In the meantime, the league will be in off-season. Our staff has been throwing around ideas for things the community can get involved in over the off-season period, such as a Realism Weekend NightCup or draft. If the demand is there and we decide to make something happen we'll be sure to get everyone's attention!

Thanks for a great Season 2!


TCN Realism Division Staff
Posted At 2014-05-14 18:48:28
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