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TCN 6v6 Season 11 - Season Information
The Competitive Network is back from hiatus and will be returning on 3rd of June. The season will have 7 weeks of regular play. Currently the top 8 teams will be making playoffs but that is open to change depending on team activity nearing playoffs. Matches for preseason will be scheduled this following week.

Season Rules and Changes
- No anti-cheat will be required for play this season, recording demos is still necessary

- Map rotation TBA
- BO3 Finals vote

- Team limited to two ringers per season
- Ringers must be added to team description after use
- Ringers must be okayed by the opposing team captain and an admin

-Roster max now set to 12

Map Rotation:
PW1 - dod_thunder_b5 (forcewhut)
PW2 - dod_allusion_b1 (forcewhut)
W1 - dod_santos_b3
W2 - dod_coire_rc3
W3 - dod_catania_rc2
W4 - dod_harrington
W5 - dod_solitude_match
W6 - dod_palermo
W7 - dod_anzio
POW3 - TBA (BO3 vote for finals)

We will wait until the season has progressed further to release playoffs info. If BO3 is voted in for finals both captains will choose one map, if a tiebreaker is required we will instate a team vote for the final map.
Posted At 2015-05-24 19:53:56
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