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Viewing: Day Of Defeat: Source
Day Of Defeat: Source Anti Cheat Committee
Region: Europe

Despondent with the in-action and attitude towards cheating a group of individuals from the European DOD:S community formed the Anti-Cheat Committee to sit and act in judgement of those caught cheating, or investigate those suspected of cheating within the public and competitive DOD:S scene. The ACC provide a public database to all eSport organizations who wish to facilitate a clean, competitive event while also providing a platform for the public from which to provide definitive proof and inform others of individuals caught cheating.
Region: Asia

The largest portal of Russian-speaking community Day of Defeat: Sourse. At you can see the latest news, search of players and the commands, interesting matches, photos, articles, tournaments and many other things.
DOD:S Brazil
Region: South America

DOD Brazil is the main source for everything league related in Brazil. They offer some great articles about Brazilian leagues as well as some great podcasts talking about the game and its competition. As a relatively new site the staff offers some great in depth views into the world of Brazilian Day Of Defeat Source.
DoD:S Movies
Region: Europe

The project from the Russian community "DoDS-Movies" was created as a form of an online-catalog, describing the most important video works about "Day of Defeat: Source" and providing links for downloading and viewing it.
Later, the project has become open-state for participation. To become a author, new moviemakers can simply register on the site.
We also invite moviemakers, experienced and novice, to participate in a project to share experiences, techniques and ideas. For this we have a "Publications"-section, and a forum.
Novice moviemakers will be published and evaluated in a separate section - we are going to support and promote them. Most successful movies will be added to the basic collection on "DoDS-Movies".
Region: Europe

DODS.UK was set up around a year ago with the aim to unite the UK dods community no matter how large or small. The website is home to the UK national team and we provide coverage on all things UK based and cover the majority of top European competitions.
Region: Europe

DoDFrance is the french portal of the halflife mod "Day Of Defeat". The site help and rally 20000 players divided into 1200 teams since july 2000. Its purpose is to provide some news about the french and European community, organisation of competition like the "Coupe de France", and lots of one day cups and a very complete forum.
Region: Europe

DoDszene is a site dedicated to the german-speaking Day Of Defeat Source scene, offering a wide range of news and information to players. With a large community, accommodating over 3000 users, the site is among Europe's most visited DoD:S websites. Furthermore DoDszene is featuring "Szeneshots", a movie project where community members can send in footage of their finest frags.
FirstFrag eSport
Region: Europe

Built from the ground up to accommodate teams looking for an alternative competition website with a friendly, community orientated and professional team of administrators who simply want to host great competitive events for the games we love... On launch, supports the very popular and challenging; Day of Defeat: Source with experienced, professional and mature staff and administrators.
JBX Gaming Services
Region: North America

JBX Gaming Services is a small gaming communication company. They offer FREE Ventrilo and team forums to competitive gaming teams from all leagues. They currently operate in both North and South America and have sponsored over 50 teams and supported more than 250 players in its 5 year history.