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Video Type: TeamVideos
Produced By: Tufe
Time : 05:53 Minutes
Codec: H264
Video Size: 1360x766
File Size: 308MB

Music :
No Music

E L h
joonas "Z-kloned" Villberg

Comments: Okey so while cleaning up my hdd I found something...a RaPa movie!

SO the story of RaPa movie: I'm not even sure anymore but I think that I began making the movie in 2008. I had high aspirations. I didn't want to make just another fragmovie, I wanted to make a movie...with frags. Ok that may sound stupid but frags have never been the important part for me in gaming movies. For me it's been about sync, music, feeling, even something...sublime? Anyway I began the process and learned to use the editing softwares. I learned some cool things which you can see in my hotws. I got the hotws done in time and I am very satisfied with them to this day. RaPa movie, on the other hand, never got done. As I learned more, my aspirations grew higher all the time. I wanted this movie to be the best. When I had learned to make cool lighting, I began to learn 3d-modeling. Always something new. And after all, this was RaPa movie, a movie about the only clan I really played dod and dods. I wanted it to be special. Working for a long time with same project became also boring after awhile. I think I began RaPa movie from the scratch maybe four times. I created new audio track(each time bringing the length of the movie shorter so I would finish it), recorded all the avis with new resolution etc...I never got these new projects really far. My motivation dried up every time after awhile.

I have not played dods for three? years now. The game sucks and I don't miss it a bit. Still, I had good times with many great guys playing it. I don't have time or interest to play clan games these days anymore. Still, I think I should put something out at last. I don't know
how many times I have heard the question "When is RaPa movie coming out?" So as I was checking my hdd I noticed a RaPa folder with 252g stuff in it...well maybe it would be good time now. I'm pretty sure I won't be making any gaming movies ever again so the RaPa movie has to be what has been done. And actually quite a lot has been done. Ironically, this versions is the first I began 6 years ago. Most of this movie was already done 5 years ago. It doesn't have fancy editing, color corrections or flashing sun effects I learned later. Music is also overused and has been heard in countless of movies. It may still have some good sync and maybe few nice frags. Anyway I just want to put it out now. I hope someone enjoys it and for those who hoped better, well I hoped better too. And still few disclaimers: this version is a beta I rendered two years ago, there's for example, clips in three different resolutions(90% are same though). There's also a test clip in the end, that may show you how this could have looked, which shouldn't be there. My project files are so messed up that I haven't been able to open the project and remove the end clip so it remains there.

So here it is, at last. I had good time making dods movies, some good times playing the game too! The game sucked but there were some great guys (and some complete **** too...) in this community. Without the community, I don't think many would have played this shitty game as long as they did. Thx to hard-working people who organized leagues, kept zp! alive etc. Not a grateful task. And lastly thx to RaPa guys. In this hectic gaming world it's rare that you can play the game with same great guys for years.

PS. As a bonus, here's also a small highlight reel of my moviemaking which has been sitting in my pc for two years now.

Okey I'm off to Korea, 안녕히 계세요.

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Released On 2013-08-03 19:56:08
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