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Viewing: Day Of Defeat: Source
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Video Type: TeamVideos
Produced By: Matt "Deadly" Slusher
Time : 05:12 Minutes
Codec: H264
Video Size: 1280x720
File Size: 626MB

Music :
Song #1: Florence And The Machine - Sevin Devils
Song #2: Falling In Reverse - Raised By Wolves
Song #3: Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody

Besar "asani" Asani
Matt "Deadly" Slusher
Kramer "Krimit" Lindsay
Cody "Lumberjeck" G.
Matthew "m4k" Mackillop
Jason "Max" Buchanan
Owen "Morrie" Slosson
Oscar "oe300" Espinal
Dustin "Turtle" Tennant


Direct Link:
Released On 2013-10-21 19:24:40
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