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Robbie Gould to Test Free Agency and Leave 49ers

Robbie Gould to Test Free Agency and Leave 49ers

After six seasons with the San Francisco 49ers, kicker Robbie Gould has announced that he will test free agency this off-season. Although he expressed his enjoyment with his time in San Francisco, Gould has elected not to return to the team in the fall.

Gould’s career in the NFL has been an interesting one, beginning with preseason practice squad deals with the New England Patriots and Baltimore Ravens in 2005. Gould found his first NFL home with the Chicago Bears and has since played with several teams.

Although kickers generally do not command high salaries in the NFL, Gould has showcased his talent as a clutch kicker in the postseason.

It is not often that a kicker tests free agency, so Gould’s decision to do so has raised some eyebrows. There will undoubtedly be interest around the league for Gould’s services, and various teams will likely make offers.

It will be interesting to see where Gould ends up playing in the fall, but his decision to move on from the 49ers fits with his career progression and personality.

Jamal Jones
Jamal Jones

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