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Table-Top Developer Paizo Takes Stance Against AI-Generated Art and Writing

Paizo Stands Against AI-Generated Art and Writing In Its Table-Top Products

Table-top developer Paizo takes a hard stance against the use of AI art and writing prompts in its products, adding new language to its contracts requiring all work submitted to the company to have been created by a person and not an AI. The company regards AI-generated creative work as a serious threat to its partners and workers, stating, ‘When you buy a Paizo product, you can be sure that it is the work of human professionals who have spent years honing their craft to produce the best work we can.’

The company recognizes the importance of human touch in all of its products, an essential aspect of the table-top game industry. This emphasis on human creativity is reflected in its workforce practices, as Paizo formed the first tabletop union, the United Paizo Workers, in 2021, aligning with the Communications Workers of America, which has spearheaded the unionization efforts in Activision Blizzard and the video game industry at large.

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