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The Most Beautiful Cards in the New Scarlet & Violet Pokemon TCG

The Most Beautiful Cards in the New Scarlet & Violet Pokemon TCG

As worldwide players prepare themselves for the big shift from the V cards to the rebirth of “ex,” in Japan the base sets have already been out for over a month, and now the follow-up set, Triple Beat, is revealing some astonishingly gorgeous cards. We’re taking a look at the most beautiful cards to come out of the first two Scarlet & Violet Japanese sets.

With none of the cards out until March 31, and potentially some of them likely to not reach non-Japanese shores until at least June, we’re not worrying about value yet. We’re also not concerning ourselves with playability, since we’re a fair way off fathoming the forthcoming metas for the table-top game.

Thankfully, for the international release of Scarlet & Violet’s base set, we’re not going to be seeing the same divided release that appeared in Japan. There’s more confusion this time, with the SV base set release coming to us a full month later than it usually would, and rumors of a special re-release of the first 151 Kanto cards coming in the summer.

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