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Anime Singer Rie Takahashi Asks Fans to Bathe Before Her Concerts

Anime Singer Rie Takahashi Asks Fans to Bathe Before Her Concerts

Popular anime singer Rie Takahashi has come up with a unique and humorous way for her fans to better enjoy her concerts – by asking them to please bathe and stay clean before showing up.

In a hand-drawn infographic posted on her social media, the singer encourages her fans to bring a backup battery for their phones and stow their valuable belongings in a safe and small bag. But the bottom-right part of the infographic politely suggests that fans clean themselves before coming to the concert to avoid bothering other attendees with a nasty body odor.

Takahashi is a 29-year-old actress, voice actress, and singer, best known for her roles in Genshin Impact and Seiyu’s Life!. Her witty, yet sensible advice to bathe before coming to her concert has been well-received among most of her fans, and surprisingly, none of them have protested her suggestion yet.

As it has become a well-known issue across anime, gaming, and other geek-oriented conventions and concerts, Takahashi’s practical advice also highlights how even the most subtle gestures can go a long way towards making these events more enjoyable and memorable, not to mention smell-free.

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