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Butterbean Queen Wins the 2023 Battle of the Stars at New River All-American Speedway

Butterbean Queen Wins the 2023 Battle of the Stars at New River All-American Speedway

The 2023 edition of the Battle of the Stars at New River All-American Speedway in Jacksonville, North Carolina featured one of the best late model stock car drivers in the country, Brenden “Butterbean” Queen. Queen won the 200-lap feature and took home $20,000 in prize money, in the first opening night of the short track after it was renamed New River All-American Speedway as a NASCAR Home Track.

Formerly known as Goodyear All-American Speedway, the venue delivers everything fans can hope for in a short track. The 0.4-mile oval race track is unique with its tri-oval configuration and its layout is ideal for side-by-side racing. The surface is notably wide, allowing competitors to run multiple grooves. Both corners are banked at 12 degrees, but multiple drivers explained that Turns 1-2 race completely different than Turns 3-4.

Tire conservation was key through the first couple stages of the race before a 50-lap run to the finish. Queen separated himself from the pack, dominating the final stage of the race featuring both nationally renowned drivers and local legends. Rusty Daniels, the track’s 2009 late model champ, who qualified on the pole for the Battle of the Stars, finished last due to tire issues, which is a common challenge in late-model racing at New River All-American.

The 200-lap late model stock feature was the cherry on top of a wild night of racing. The Bandolero feature began with a terrifying crash, while the Bomber division’s feature ended with a literal photo finish. The venue features 6,000 frontstretch grandstand seats, 90 track-side parking spots, and 10 suites for fans to view the action from different angles.

New River All-American Speedway is the perfect short track that provides a legitimate family atmosphere, complete with a playground for small children. The constant billowing smoke from the outdoor concessions in the middle of the frontstretch grandstands blankets the area with the aroma of a backyard cookout.

Rachel Chen
Rachel Chen

Rachel Chen is a talented Chinese-American sports journalist with a passion for covering NASCAR. A graduate of New York University's journalism program, Rachel has made a name for herself as one of the most insightful and engaging sports writers in the industry.

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