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Las Vegas Raiders apply franchise tag to running back Josh Jacobs

The Franchise Tag Applied to Josh Jacobs

The Las Vegas Raiders have officially franchise tagged RB Josh Jacobs. With the franchise tag officially applied to Jacobs, the running back will look to negotiate a long-term contract with the Raiders. The team and Jacobs have until July 15 to reach a long-term deal. If a deal is not reached by the July 15 deadline, Jacobs will play the 2023 season on a one-year deal.

The Franchise Tender Amount

The franchise tender for running backs is just over $10 million. It’s a fully guaranteed contract for one season. Jacobs can sign the franchise tender at any time.

Jacobs Had the Best Season of His Career

Ahead of the 2022 NFL season, the Raiders declined Jacobs’ fifth-year option. Jacobs responded by having the best season of his career. Jacobs won the rushing title, leading the NFL with 1,653 rushing yards. Jacobs finished with 12 rushing touchdowns and also caught 53 passes for 400 yards.

Coach McDaniels’ Thoughts on Jacobs

When asked about Jacobs at the NFL Combine, Raiders head coach Josh McDaniels said, “The hope and the goal is that he’s here for a while.”

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