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Powerwash Simulator meets Final Fantasy VII in new crossover DLC

Powerwash Simulator meets Final Fantasy VII in new crossover DLC

Powerwash Simulator is a game about power washing various dirty objects and places. Recently, Powerwash Simulator has received a free DLC called Midgar Special Pack which ties into Final Fantasy VII universe. In this mini-campaign, players can play five levels, in which two of the vehicles and bosses from the main game are featured, the Hardy-Daytona and Shinra Hauler SA-37, the Air Buster, and Scorpion Sentinel. Two iconic locations from the original FFVII are also included, Tifa’s “Seventh Heaven” bar and the large diorama of Midgar.

This DLC brings to life classic sets and objects from the JRPG in the form of fun cleaning tasks. Using tools like a power washer with various nozzles and cleaning fluids, players can “clean” icons spaces like Tifa’s bar and enemies like Scorpion Sentinel. Each item has multiple sub-parts, which requires extra attention to detail when cleaning.

To deepen the connection to the Final Fantasy VII universe, texts from characters like Tifa Lockhart and Reeve Tuesti will pop up as you play, offering insight into the stories around the characters and locations you are cleaning. As you clean through Tifa’s bar and the Scorpion Sentinel, you can’t help but think about what life is like for the average person in Midgar.

For Final Fantasy VII fans, the Midgar Special Pack DLC is a neat way to spend a few hours experiencing familiar locations and characters in a new way.

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