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Ty Gibbs and his quick rise to the NASCAR Cup Series

LAS VEGAS — Ty Gibbs’ Rapid Progression

Ty Gibbs, the young NASCAR driver, has impressed crew chief Chris Gayle with his natural talent and rapid progression to the Cup Series. Despite being only 20 years old, Gibbs has been able to handle the quick pace exceptionally well.

Music Tastes

Gayle notes that sometimes he forgets Gibbs is so young, but when he hears him listening to current hip-hop music like Drake, it’s a reminder. However, Gibbs says he loves all genres of music, from old school rap to new hip-hop.

Successes and Lows

Gibbs’ first full year at the Cup Series level takes place at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, where he earned the first of seven Xfinity Series victories last season en route to that circuit’s championship title. Though he has experienced both successes and lows along the way, he has learned from his mistakes and is determined to grow and improve his driving.

Goals and Expectations

The crew chief and Gibbs have different goals for the No. 54 team this season. Gayle wants Gibbs to be as aggressive as possible and to set his goals high, while Gibbs is focused on doing his best, no matter what his goals may be. Gibbs wants to avoid setting limits for himself and prefers to focus on completing the mission and improving his driving at every step of the way.

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