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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty’s Dual-Sworded Assassins Are a Pain to Fight Against

Difficulty in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Reaching the last boss of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is quite a feat for players, with the final fight being one of the most challenging ones. The game, from Team Ninja, is set to take players through China’s historic Three Kingdoms period during the peasant revolt led by the Taoist in Black, Yu Ji. While the action-adventure game is approachable for Soulslike gamers, certain enemies pose a real threat.

The Dual-Sworded Assassins

Players will face off against plenty of challenging foes in Wo Long, but nothing strikes fear in their hearts quite the same way as the dual-sworded assassins do. They are the worst enemies to fight against for a variety of reasons. For one, they are stealthy, hiding behind environmental objects or biding their time in a building’s ramparts. More so, they are incredibly fast with long, painful combo strings that are challenging to predict and frustrating to deflect.

Assassins can trick players by not immediately attacking as others would, thus stabbing them in the back before the fight starts. It doesn’t help that they have light armor and can take a beating. Even fighting one-on-one is a nuisance, as they dart around the battlefield, slicing through opponents before flipping out to throw darts that can afflict individuals with status ailments like heaviness, which can slow movement, or poison. Battling two or three assassins is an insane challenge that could lead to heated gamer moments.

Coping Strategies

When facing assassins, slowing down to understand the game’s mechanics is critical. By doing this, even the direst of foes, including the infamous warlord Lu Bu, can go down with ease. Players can also _call in all the reinforcements_. They can gang up with homies to take down the foes. While it might not be a full-proof plan, players have a better chance of winning with someone to help.


Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, from Team Ninja, is an action-adventure that takes players through China’s historic Three Kingdoms period. While the game is approachable for Soulslike gamers, there are challenging moments, especially against the dual-sworded assassins. The assassins are masters at deflects, critical blows, and dodges, making it challenging to take them down. However, facing them head-on with a better understanding of the game and help from friends might just save your soul.

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