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Creed III Success Sparks Plans for Anime Spin-Off

Creed III, the latest installment of the Rocky spin-off franchise, has become a huge success since its release last week, with Michael B. Jordan both as the lead actor and director. Reports now suggest that MGM and Amazon, the parent company of MGM, have grand plans for the franchise, which allegedly include an anime series. Though this may seem odd at first glance, it’s not surprising given Jordan’s love for anime.

Creed III Powers to Success

The story of Creed III follows Adonis Creed, Apollo Creed’s illegitimate son from the original Rocky movies. The first two Creed films were also box-office hits, which led to the series’ expansion. Producers of the franchise may now look to create more spin-offs from the Creed III success story, given that recent discussions between MGM and Jordan have reportedly intensified. One of the potential future plans may include a new anime spin-off.

Anime Central to Creed III

Michael B. Jordan’s appreciation for anime undoubtedly played a major role in the addition of anime references throughout Creed III, which might have expanded the popularity of the movie even more. Naruto and Full Metal Alchemist were two of the anime shows referenced by Jordan during interviews while promoting the movie. Jordan and director Steven Caple Jr. even utilized Jonathan Majors to study anime so that he could understand the Adonis/Damian dynamic better. The boxing shorts in the movie were fashioned after the iconic anime film Akira as well. No doubt Jordan’s love for anime inspired him to push for a future anime spin-off featuring the Creed universe.

Why An Anime Spin-Off Makes Sense

Michael B. Jordan’s passion for anime is quickly becoming a household name, and he has taken concrete steps to identify himself as an anime fan. Even before working as a director, he worked in collaboration with Rooster Teeth on an anime-inspired web comic series. The interest that Jordan has in anime and the possibility that it could be on display in an anime spin-off series may be a tremendous boost for the Creed franchise. With Jordan’s star power and incredible success in the film industry, he has the power to bring newfound audiences to an animated series. Merely being connected to Jordan’s passion for anime is enough for anime to become even more popular, given Jordan’s influence over Generation Z audiences.

This Is Not MGM’s First Foray into Anime

An alien anime film titled Star⭐️Dog and TurboCat, produced by MGM and distributed by Cinema Management Group, was released in 2019. Likewise, MGM has previously announced its collaboration with Josh Cooley, the director of Toy Story 4, on an “epic sci-fi adventure” anime film titled “Mecha Builders,” which is in development currently. Although anime is not a regular staple of MGM’s production, it is quite possible that the industry giant will continue to pursue anime and its potential for broadening its audience in the future.

What the Future Holds for a Creed III Spin-Off

Unfortunately, there is little information available about the potential anime spin-off from Creed III. Until more is revealed, all we can do is speculate. In the meantime, we can be sure that regardless of the details, Michael B. Jordan’s involvement will be significant. Jordan has proven himself as a prominent Hollywood player, making a name for himself in big box-office successes like Creed and Black Panther. As he also has a connection to future anime content, the anime industry may very well be in for an interesting ride as Jordan potentially brings greater popular attention to the genre.

To Conclude

An anime spin-off from Creed III may seem like an unexpected development for the franchise, but it is not altogether that surprising given Michael B. Jordan’s affinity for the anime genre. While concrete details are scarce, the prospect of anime expanding the Creed franchise is a bold move that if done right, could bring about great success to both MGM and Amazon. Regardless of whether this project is a flop or a hit, it will definitely help to build up the Michael B. Jordan brand and increase the profile and appeal of anime in the West.

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