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Discord Plans to Introduce AI Technology to Moderation and Chat Support Services

Discord, a popular communication platform, has announced their plans to introduce “AI” technology to their moderation and chat support services in a recent blog post. While the use of machine learning algorithms within the software may indeed help to streamline these functions, there is concern over how this may impact user privacy and communication accuracy on the platform.

Why Discord is Embracing AI

Discord’s official stance on their integration of AI technology is that it will enable users to experience exciting, unexpected results when interacting with their friends on the platform. The company plans to introduce a sort of ChatGPT functionality that will generate AI-generated text and image outputs based on user inputs.

However, this approach has been met with a great deal of skepticism from users, with many expressing concern over the accuracy and privacy implications of implementing such technology into the software. One user on Twitter asked, “Will there be an opt-out button for server owners who don’t wish to have their server become training material for machine learning?”

The overall negative response to Discord’s announcement not only indicates a reluctance to adopt AI within communication platforms, but also speaks to the larger issue of the ethical implications of incorporating such technology into social applications.

The Issue with AI-Generated Imagery

Digital imagery generated by AI algorithms is notorious for being built upon uncredited human art and ideas. By using these algorithms to generate images and other content, Discord risks inadvertently perpetuating this issue and potentially causing harm to individual artists and content creators.

Additionally, implementing AI-generated content into a platform designed for communication purposes may result in an overall degradation of communication accuracy and legitimacy. With so much content on the platform generated by AI, there is a risk that users may come to rely on it disproportionately, leading to the spread of misinformation and other harmful content.

The Future of AI in Social Media

The backlash against Discord’s announcement highlights a larger issue for social media companies and their relationship to AI technologies. As AI systems become more sophisticated and prevalent, there is an increasing amount of concern over their impact on user privacy, accuracy of information, and ethical implications.

It is clear that incorporating AI into social communication platforms requires careful consideration of these factors, including potential negative feedback from users. Companies must be proactive in addressing these issues and working to develop responsible and ethical AI frameworks.


As Discord continues to explore the integration of AI into their software, it is important for the company to consider the potential risks and implications associated with such technology. While the benefits of AI may be tempting, it is crucial to prioritize user privacy, communication accuracy, and ethical considerations when developing and implementing AI functionality.

Ultimately, the responsible use of AI in social applications will require careful monitoring and management to ensure that it serves the best interests of all users involved.

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