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Molly Moon: The Rising Star of Horror Game-Inspired TikTok Videos

TikTok is a social media platform that has taken the world by storm, with millions of users sharing short video clips every day. One such user is Molly Moon, a creator who has gained a huge following for her horror game-inspired videos. Moon’s unique videos have attracted attention from fans and game developers alike, and her popularity is a sign of the growing interest in more subversive horror games.

From Milkmaid Blouses to Horror Game-Inspired “Creations”

Molly Moon began her career on social media in 2021, posting content on OnlyFans and Instagram. At first, her posts were what you might expect: milkmaid blouses, mall dressing room thirst traps, and the occasional PornHub upload. However, in 2022, she began posting regularly on a second Instagram account and on TikTok, sharing her horror game-inspired “creations.”

Her videos quickly became popular, garnering millions of views and attracting a devoted following of fans. In these videos, Moon takes on the persona of a pretty cannibal, luring unsuspecting victims into her brick-wall basement and suggesting that she might bake them into her banana bread. Her clothes reveal her horror influences, with some videos featuring Moon in a sweater that looks like the famous Baby Gap zip-up Megan Fox wore in the 2009 movie “Jennifer’s Body.”

Moon’s Move to Pixel Horror

As Moon’s popularity grew, so too did her ambitions. She began to experiment with pixel horror, creating videos that resembled the style of indie studio Puppet Combo’s low-poly horror games. These videos upped the production value and deviated from Moon’s original “excuse me, sir” format, but retained the dangerous, first-person perspective that made them so compelling.

In these videos, Moon forces you to interact with a more lo-fi version of herself, punishing you for clicking “right” instead of “left,” or feeding a rose from your inventory to her toothed handbag. These videos that look like games are her most popular by far and have attracted millions of views, leading to fan art imagining what a real Molly Moon game would look like and even leading actual game developers to express interest in creating it.

Moon’s Popularity and Subversive Horror Games

Moon’s popularity is a sign of the growing interest in more subversive horror games. These games often break with traditional narrative structures and offer more complex and nuanced portrayals of female characters. Moon’s videos improve on the ideas of more subversive horror games, like Lollipop Chainsaw, by removing their predation and putting them in her own hands – in a woman’s hands, for a woman’s execution. Her videos don’t allow women to be prey and predator, but only predators disguised as glass-eyed bunnies.

Moon’s work challenges traditional tropes in horror games and offers a more nuanced and complex perspective on female characters. Her popularity is a sign of the growing interest in more subversive and exploratory horror games, and her videos offer an exciting glimpse into what the future of horror gaming might look like.

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