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NBA Star Luka Doncic Surprises Overwatch 2 Streamer on Twitch

An Overwatch 2 Twitch streamer recently got quite the surprise during a match when none other than NBA star and Dallas Mavericks point guard Luka Doncic ended up on his team. Doncic is an avid Overwatch player, and although some may be concerned about his preference for the Hanzo and Genji characters, it seems he’s been honing his skills as a tank player in the game’s new 5v5 format.

The Match

During the match, Doncic was playing Zarya in the grandmaster match, which was being streamed live by M0xy on Twitch. As the match progressed, Doncic’s fellow players began to ask him questions about his identity, including when his birthday was. Doncic calmly answered all of their questions with an astounding lack of emotion and his perfect Slovenian accent, revealing that he is indeed the NBA star himself.

An Avid Overwatch Player

It’s great to see that Doncic is such an avid Overwatch player and is constantly honing his skills in the game. He is even a grandmaster player, which is the highest rank you can achieve before breaking into the global top 500. It’s clear that he takes the game seriously and focuses on being the best tank player he can be.

Gaining a Following

Doncic’s appearance in the M0xy stream has gained him a great deal of exposure among the Overwatch community, and many fans are excited to see that he is such a dedicated player. While he may have a very different profession from most gamers, it’s clear that he enjoys immersing himself in the world of Overwatch and is always striving to improve his skills.

The Perfect Response

Perhaps the most memorable moment from the match was when Doncic was asked which team he played for, and he responded with a simple “Dallas Mavericks” in his calm, matter-of-fact tone. The other players were clearly surprised and asked for clarification, to which Doncic confirmed that he indeed plays for the NBA team.

The moment was so perfect and devoid of any emotion that it has become a favorite among fans of the stream. It perfectly captures Doncic’s laid-back demeanor and his dedication to both his profession and his hobby of playing Overwatch.

Unexpected Celebrity Cameos

It’s always exciting for fans of any game or sport to see unexpected celebrity appearances, and Doncic’s appearance in M0xy’s Overwatch 2 stream was no exception. It’s clear that Doncic is a skilled and dedicated player, and it’s always great to see that people from all walks of life can enjoy the same hobbies and interests.

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, it’s clear that Doncic is a talented Overwatch player who takes the game seriously and is always striving to improve. His appearance in the M0xy stream was an exciting moment for fans of the game, and it just goes to show that you never know who you might encounter in the world of online gaming.

Kotaku reached out to representatives for both M0xy and Luka Doncic, but did not receive a response in time for publication.

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