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Resident Evil 4 remake announced by Capcom

Capcom has finally announced the upcoming Resident Evil 4 remake and released a demo during the latest online spotlight event.

The Leak

Early on, Twitch ads were spotted and reported by fans for then-unannounced Resident Evil 4 remake demo. This seemingly spoiled Capcom’s plan to announce it during today’s event. The publisher also confirmed in February that they are planning to release a demo without any other details.

The Demo

The newly released demo is named the Chainsaw Demo and takes place at the beginning of the game during the iconic village ambush section. It comes without any time limit, unlike some past Resident Evil demos. The Chainsaw Demo is available to play now on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. The remake skips over Xbox One for the release. Capcom officially confirmed the news during the online event.

The chance to enjoy the game as many times as you want will give the gamers the chance to fully experience the game before purchasing it. With the information available, most players will likely be pretty excited by the opportunity to play through the new Chainsaw Demo without time limits.

Resident Evil 4 Remake

The Resident Evil 4 remake has been rumored for years, and it was officially announced by Capcom back in 2022.

The game will update the controls and combat, preserving the basic story and characters. This makes it an excellent update for longtime Resident Evil fans, who have been clamoring for an updated version of the popular game. The story follows Leon S. Kennedy, who travels to a rural part of Western Europe to save the president’s daughter. Along the way, he gets swept up in a lot of campy, horrific action. One significant change that we recently learned about is Capcom’s plan to adjust the knife in the game. The knife was designed to be the last resort weapon in the original game, but in this remake, it is given more functionality, allowing players to parry attacks.

The New and Improved Knife

Capcom has decided to change the functionality of the knife in the Resident Evil 4 remake. They didn’t want the knife to be just a last resort option, so they added more functionality to it, allowing players to parry attacks. This gives the players more control over the game and the weapons they use to combat the enemies.

In the original game, the knife was a last resort option that was only used when the players ran out of all other weapons. In the new game, the knife will be a more versatile and useful tool for players who will be able to use it to fight off enemies instead of running away from them.


The Resident Evil 4 remake is a highly anticipated release for fans of the series, and the new Chainsaw Demo has given gamers an opportunity to experience the game before purchase. The game’s improved controls and combat and slight tweaks to the storyline make it a must-play game for any horror genre fan. With the added functionality to the knife, Capcom has given players more control over the game and better ways to combat enemies. We can’t wait to get our hands on the final version of Resident Evil 4 for the full experience.

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