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The Complexities of Asa’s Character in Chainsaw Man

The Complexities of Asa’s Character in Chainsaw Man

Nerd media has a particular love for sexually awkward women, but the depiction is often limited to one type of femcel. Chainsaw Man’s Mitaka Asa is not the typical shy and selfless character who is uninterested in male attention until the protagonist comes along. She is rude, self-centered, and fumbles every relationship she has. However, watching her struggle with social interactions is both delightful and an inspiration.

The Plot of Chainsaw Man

Chainsaw Man has two arcs. In the first part of the manga, Denji, a bounty hunter, becomes the Chainsaw Man to protect humanity from devils. The devils embody humanity’s fears. The latest arc introduces Mitaka Asa, a high schooler possessed by the “War Devil” after her untimely death. The War Devil wants to gather swords to use against the Chainsaw Man, but Asa can only turn men into “spinal cord swords” after they form romantic attachments to her. Asa agrees to seduce male classmates so that their bones can be used to create powerful weapons. Giving the War Devil the showdown it wants is the only way to convince the monster to vacate her body.

The Lure of Death and Relationship

Asa randomly chooses Denji as her victim. Despite being the Chainsaw Man, Denji is a pitiful incel whose primary character motivation is to touch a breast. Chainsaw Man creator Tatsuki Fujimoto depicts each major arc of the manga depicting how characters respond to social pressures. The Control Devil exploited Denji because of his terrible financial circumstances. The War Devil would have an equally easy time of things if Asa wasn’t already such a mess.

Asa’s Personality and Appearance

Unlike most unpopular girls depicted in nerd media, there’s nothing particularly atypical about Asa’s appearance. She could probably get a boyfriend if she wasn’t so off-putting. She refused to change who she is even when others called her a loser. But Asa is not the only unpopular person in the manga. The main characters are embarrassing individuals out for themselves. The difference is that Fujimoto is willing to depict their most embarrassing moments and basest desires.

The Ugly Truth About Asa’s Desirability

Asa knows that she’s not good enough for anyone, but she won’t give up even when her classmates agree. She’s dead and damaged, in a society where girls aren’t supposed to have sexual desires unless they’re worthy of love. Her heart beats in defiance of common decency, despite the rules, despite how others may feel. Her desires feel rebellious in the context of Chainsaw Man, and her lack of potential doesn’t stop her from continuing.

Glimmers of Hope in Asa’s Character

Asa’s relationship interests are not exclusive to Denji, the protagonist of Chainsaw Man; she eventually fixates on another boy who rejects her. She just wants companionship with someone who willingly offers it. The manga shows that its heroes are not always altruistic and are out for themselves in human ways.

The Strength of Asa’s Storyline in Chainsaw Man

Despite its fantastical elements, Asa’s story is remarkably ordinary. It tells the story of a girl familiar with the desperation women can feel when they equate their self-worth with the number of men who are interested in them. Audiences expect to empathize with male incels who have a body count in the media, but not for female incels who are self-centered and desperate. But Chainsaw Man doesn’t just let a female incel be unlikeable. It dares to explore her emotional complexities.


In conclusion, Chainsaw Man’s Mitaka Asa’s character is a daring introduction that breaks from the typical nerd media depiction of sexually awkward women. Asa’s character is neither the shy selfless type nor the conventional unpopular girl. Asa’s character is self-centered, rude and a mess owing to a War Devil that lives inside of her. Despite the grim circumstances, Asa’s flaws, and eccentricities make her a relatable and intriguing protagonist that resonates with 21st-century audiences.

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