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Totalbiscuit’s Videos May be Removed Because of AI Learning Technologies

Genna Bain, the widow of late game critic and YouTube personality John “Totalbiscuit” Bain, recently revealed that she may remove all of her husband’s videos from the internet to prevent AI machine-learning technologies from manipulating his voice to promote particular political and social views. Bain’s Twitter announcement has spurred a heated discussion within online communities, with many wondering whether her efforts to prevent AI voice learning technology from committing digital  necromancy by purging Totalbiscuit’s videos from the internet would be in vain.

The Dilemma Of Genna Bain

John Bain passed away in 2018 at the young age of 33, but left behind a vast YouTube library of reviews, podcast interviews, and other videos. In today’s world, such data is potentially valuable source material for machine-learning technologies that feed on each sample of information. Genna Bain has expressed concerns that deleting his content from the internet is the only way to prevent his voice from being used to promote ideologies that he was vehemently against. Moreover, with increasingly modern technologies, the potential for his voice to be manipulated is greater.

Bain isn’t the only person with concerns about AI technology, but her situation highlights the specific issues that arise with the development of machine-learning technologies that are being used without much regulation or oversight. While AI technology has the potential to revolutionize a variety of fields, its development has also led to ethical and legal concerns for the use of people’s data. This is further amplified when we consider the potential for these technologies to be manipulated in ways other than gathering data to reinforce certain views.

Online Communities Weigh In

Online communities, particularly those consisting of Totalbiscuit’s fans, have actively engaged in heated discussions of Bain’s announcement. While many sympathized with Bain’s situation, they felt that she wouldn’t be able to prevent AI voice-learning technology from using her husband’s voice. A shared opinion on the discussion within the r/Cynicalbritofficial subreddit was that once something has been put on the internet, for better or worse, it’s hard to take it down. What’s more, Bain’s husband’s videos are widely available in many other places, meaning their removal from his YouTube channel would have no impact on preventing the manipulation of Totalbiscuit’s voice. To prevent the misuse of any content,users from commenting on Bain’s tweet suggested that the focus should be on creating awareness about AI voice-learning technologies so that people can make informed decisions.

The opinions expressed among these Reddit members highlight the skepticism surrounding AI technologies and the lack of oversight, which can be concerning, particularly given the potential for the technology to be misused, even as it continues to develop at an alarming rate. This was true even in the case of Totalbiscuit’s content, which was deemed to be a transparent conversation about video games and a way to connect with other people who were also passionate about them.

The Ethics Of AI Voice Learning Technology

The developments in AI technology far outpace regulation, which means raising awareness is the best approach to prevent misuse of content. AI voice learning technology is just one aspect of AI that underscores the critical but often overlooked ethical concerns. As we have seen, the recent copyright infringement cases involving AI-generated imagery and voice mimicry have shown that these technologies can lead to potentially harmful misuse unless they are closely monitored.

It is expected that AI technologies will continue to develop rapidly, and this makes it more important to spread awareness among people regarding not only the potential but also the ethical implications. The technology has the power to improve human lives in significant ways, but without proper regulation, we may find that we have created new problems that we are not capable of addressing.


The discussion surrounding Bain’s announcement highlights the current concerns surrounding AI technology use and the potential for its misuse. AI voice-learning technology is one of several AI technologies being developed, and if not closely monitored, these technologies can lead to harmful misuse. As AI technology continues to develop to new levels, there is an urgent need for stricter regulations to prevent potential dangers associated with the misuse of people’s content. Awareness is also key.

It is essential that people understand the implications of AI voice learning technology and how it can be misused. This would not only enable them to make informed decisions but would also help to prevent ethical concerns.

Awareness and regulation should be considered essential to mitigating the ethical and legal concerns associated with AI technology as a whole. We must organize now, as we are still at the beginning stages of the era of AI technology. Even small steps taken today can have a significant impact in the future, and so it is critical to act before we find ourselves caught in a complex web of unintended consequences.

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