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The Legend of the Cool, Cool Mountain 1-Up Mushroom in Super Mario 64

Nine years ago, a Super Mario 64 player named toyuru2 achieved a remarkable feat. By wall-jumping his way up the slide in Cool, Cool Mountain, he managed to grab a 1-up mushroom before plummeting into the void. It was a difficult trick that nobody had ever pulled off before. But soon, a new challenge emerged: was it possible to grab the mushroom without dying at all?

The Legendary Super Mario 64

Super Mario 64 is a game that needs no introduction. Released in 1996 for the Nintendo 64, it was Mario’s first foray into 3D gaming and helped establish the blueprint for future 3D platformers. Like any game, it has its fair share of secrets and oddities. Some of these are intentionally hidden by the developers, while others are glitches that players have discovered over the years.

One such glitch involves a 1-up mushroom in Cool, Cool Mountain. This mushroom is normally unobtainable, as it spawns inside a tunnel that players can’t access. However, toyuru2 managed to snag it by wall-jumping up the mountain and falling off the end of the slide. It was an impressive feat, but it left a lingering question: could the mushroom be obtained without dying?

The Tool-Assisted Method

Years went by, and nobody was able to figure out how to grab the Cool, Cool Mountain 1-up without dying. But recently, a Super Mario 64 speedrunner and YouTuber known as PaLiX discovered a new method that involves the use of special tools.

In a video that PaLiX uploaded to his channel, we see Mario immediately leap out of the level and fall to the finish line below. From there, he jumps back and forth between two walls for an hour and a half. Mario gradually climbs up the wall, eventually reaching a point where he seems to be stuck. However, by exploiting a glitch in the game’s code, PaLiX is able to free Mario and allow him to butt stomp onto the 1-up mushroom.

The video is impressive, but it does raise some questions. After all, PaLiX is using emulation tools that make it easier to perform the trick. Would it be possible for someone to accomplish this feat on a Nintendo 64 console or other platform without any external help?

The Continuing Legacy of Super Mario 64

The fact that players are still finding new glitches and secrets in Super Mario 64, more than 25 years after its release, is a testament to the game’s enduring appeal. Speedrunners continue to pursue ever-faster times, while modders and hackers have managed to port the game to PC and even add new features.

And then there are those elusive coins and power-ups that seem impossible to obtain. The Cool, Cool Mountain 1-up was one such prize, until PaLiX found a way to grab it. But who knows what other secrets are still waiting to be uncovered?

It’s worth noting that the most difficult glitch in Super Mario 64 speedrunning was once considered impossible for a human to achieve without tools. But eventually, someone managed to pull it off. So while it may seem unlikely that anyone will ever replicate PaLiX’s trick without assistance, we can’t rule it out entirely.


Super Mario 64 remains a beloved classic for a reason. Its colorful world, tight controls, and imaginative design have captured the hearts of players for generations. And even though the game is more than two decades old, it continues to inspire and challenge us.

Whether you’re a speedrunner, a modder, or just a casual player, there’s always something new to discover in Super Mario 64. Maybe one day, someone will figure out an even crazier glitch or uncover a long-lost secret. Until then, we’ll just have to keep exploring and enjoying this timeless masterpiece.

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