Super Mario Bros. Plumbing: A Fake Plumbing Service That’s Part of a Movie Marketing Campaign

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If you’re a fan of Super Mario Bros., you’re no stranger to the characters Mario and Luigi. In fact, you might even believe that they can fix your pipes in real life. Well, that’s exactly what Super Mario Bros. Plumbing claims to do on their website.

The Fake Plumbing Service

Super Mario Bros. Plumbing is a website that markets itself as a fake plumbing service, where the famous plumbers come to unclog your pipes. However, the website is actually an elaborate marketing campaign for a movie, complete with a real van tour.

If you take a look at the carousel section of the website, you’ll find a review from someone called Pipe_Dreamz, who claims that the brothers create “amazing looking water”. For those who aren’t on top of gamer culture, Pipe_Dreamz is likely a reference to a former Miiverse user named MARIO WiiU.


For those unfamiliar with Miiverse, it was a social networking service that was aimed at Nintendo video game players. It allowed them to share screenshots and other content related to their favorite Nintendo games.

MARIO WiiU was a hardcore Nintendo fan who had been playing these games since 1985. Despite being an avid fan of Nintendo and its games, he was particularly focused on the graphical quality of video game water on the platform. He would often make comments about how great the water looked in the game.

His obsession with water in Nintendo games became so notable that even Nintendo of America recognized him. Three years ago, they tweeted “Nice water” alongside a clip of Paper Mario: The Origami King.

A New Account on Twitter

Since Miiverse was discontinued in November 2017, MARIO WiiU has disappeared. However, a new account claiming to be MARIO WiiU has now appeared on Twitter. Interestingly, they appear to be as obsessed with water in Nintendo games as the original MARIO WiiU was.

Nevertheless, it’s difficult to confirm whether this is the same person. The original MARIO WiiU had posts unrelated to water, and the new account only tweets about water. It’s possible that the account is run by someone who is simply a fan of the original MARIO WiiU.

The Popularity of Video Game Water

Ironically, the idea of obsessing over video game water isn’t as unusual as one might think. In fact, many gamers are obsessed with the water in modern video games.

Video games have come a long way since the early days of pixelated graphics. Today, many games feature stunning water graphics that are so lifelike, they appear to be real. These graphics have been made possible by the development of advanced rendering technologies and powerful hardware.

As a result, many gamers now obsess over the quality of the water in their favorite video games. Some even go so far as to create entire YouTube channels dedicated to showcasing the best water graphics in video games.

The Future of Video Game Graphics

As video game technology continues to advance, it’s likely that water graphics will continue to improve as well. In fact, some experts predict that modern video games will soon be indistinguishable from real-life environments.

With this in mind, it’s clear that video game water will continue to be a topic of interest for years to come. Whether or not Mario and Luigi ever fix your real-life plumbing problems, gamers around the world will continue to obsess over the quality of water in their favorite video games.


While Super Mario Bros. Plumbing may not be a real plumbing service, it’s still an interesting concept that’s worth exploring. It’s a reminder of the popularity of Mario and Luigi, as well as the obsession that many gamers have with water graphics in video games.

As video game technology continues to advance, it’s likely that we’ll see even more impressive water graphics in the future. Who knows, maybe Mario and Luigi will even make an appearance in a real-life plumbing service one day.

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