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The Controversy Behind Final Fantasy XIV’s Lalafell Lifter Chair

Did you know that Final Fantasy XIV just released a brand-new patch? This week’s update added new side quests, a massive dungeon, and some quality of life features. However, one addition has made some fans extremely upset – a chair. Yes, you heard that right. The Lalafell Lifter, a tall and pink chair, is causing an uproar among players. Let’s delve deeper into the issue.

The Problem with the Chair

What’s the problem with the Lalafell Lifter? Well, for starters, it is a piece of furniture that is specifically designed for the Lalafell race in Final Fantasy XIV. Lalafell is a diminutive race with childish facial features. However, not all players who pick Lalafell during character creation want to play as literal children. Many of them choose the race to explore the land of Eorzea as very short adults.

Since the Lalafell Lifter is designed to look childish, these players feel that it is “undignified” for their fantasy race. Some players have taken to the Square Enix forums to complain about the addition, demanding that the chair be changed or removed. One Lalafell player writes, “We have been begging for Lalafell furniture for the longest time, especially after visiting Tomra and seeing all of the Lalafellin sized furniture. We haven’t had an official Lalafell furniture since the step stool, so we were excited to finally have something that wasn’t huge or way over our heads!”

However, this isn’t just about a piece of furniture. It turns out that players mistreat Lalafell mains due to their diminutive height. Many are upset that others go so far as to call them pedophiles or groomers for playing as a Lalafell. Some cited name-calling and harassment. One player even mentions that playing Lalafell causes them to be excluded from role-play servers. It’s clear that Lalafell discrimination is a real problem in the Final Fantasy XIV community.

Defending the Chair

While many players are upset about the Lalafell Lifter, others don’t see what the big deal is. Some have pointed out that nobody is forcing anybody to buy the chair. One commenter writes, “I’ve been playing as a Lala for years. I’ve seen and heard it all, and most of it has been directed at me at least once. What do I do? Get over it. The amount of Lala ‘hatred’ is greatly exaggerated, and when it does happen people need to learn to not be so defensive and upset over such trivial matters.”

Others feel that Lalafell mains got the chair that they deserve. As one player puts it, “Lalafell players really out here hating being infantilized, and then [they] cry about a chair they don’t have to use.”

The Importance of Representation

Ultimately, the Lalafell Lifter controversy highlights the importance of representation in video games. When players don’t feel represented, it can lead to feelings of exclusion and discrimination. The Final Fantasy XIV community may need to take a closer look at how it treats players who choose to play as certain races.

In the future, developers should strive to create more inclusive games that allow players to feel represented. Whether it’s through character customization or adding more diverse options for furniture and items, every player should be able to find something that makes them feel at home in the game world. Only then can we create truly welcoming and inclusive communities within video games.


In conclusion, the Lalafell Lifter has caused quite a controversy among the Final Fantasy XIV community. While some players are upset about the chair’s design, others feel that the outrage is overblown. Regardless of where you stand on the issue, it’s clear that representation matters in video games.

Developers should work to create games that are more inclusive and welcoming to all players. Only then can we build communities that are truly diverse and accepting of all players, regardless of their chosen race or playstyle. With time, effort, and a commitment to diversity and inclusivity, we can create video games that are truly for everyone.

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