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The Lucky Seven: A Tactical Solitaire Card Game by Coincidence

The Lucky Seven: A Tactical Solitaire Card Game by Coincidence

The Lucky Seven is a new tactical solitaire game developed by Coincidence, a studio made up of former Zachtronics contributors. The game is designed by Zach Barth himself, with artwork by Jonathan Stroh.

The game is set in an unknown conflict of the 20th century, offering gameplay that is different every time you play. The tactical gameplay requires players to move and attack with their squad members to neutralize randomly placed threat cards and keep the situation under control. Like a solitaire game, The Lucky Seven requires players to look ahead and make the most of their options.

Despite its seemingly simple concept, The Lucky Seven promises to be endlessly challenging with its flexibility. The cards are arranged in a way that is reminiscent of the excellent Undaunted, offering a familiar yet unique gameplay experience.

The Lucky Seven is currently available for pre-order on Indiegogo. Although the game is designed and the art is finished, printing is all that’s needed. Notably, the box won’t include instructions, allowing players to print those out at home. The decision is not simply budgetary; it also enables Coincidence to update them after launch and provide an FAQ for anything unexpected that comes up. This potential feature is very useful, given that most board games have problems with instructions. With The Lucky Seven, players don’t have to make house rules to work around them or frantically search through threads on BGG; they just need to print out the instructions.

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