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Alabama Freshman Brandon Miller Wins SEC Player of the Year Despite Involvement in Murder Case

Brandon Miller Wins SEC Player of the Year and Freshman of the Year

Alabama freshman basketball player Brandon Miller has made history, becoming the first player since Kentucky’s Anthony Davis in 2012 to win both the SEC Player of the Year and SEC Freshman of the Year in the same season. But Miller’s success is overshadowed by controversy around his involvement in a murder case in January.

Brandon Miller’s Alleged Role in Jan. 15 Shooting

Court testimony revealed that Miller delivered a gun to former Alabama teammate Darius Miles that was used to kill 23-year-old Jamea Harris in a late-night shooting Jan. 15. Miles gave the gun to another man, Michael Davis, who allegedly fired 11 times into the car Harris was sitting. Though prosecutors say there is no evidence that Miller could have known the gun would be used in a crime, Miles and Davis both face capital murder charges.

Controversy Surrounds Brandon Miller Award Wins

Miller’s award wins have triggered controversy, with many expressing frustration that he was even considered for the honors given his alleged involvement in the murder case. Alabama head coach Nate Oats has been criticized for his cautious response to Miller’s alleged involvement in the incident. The lack of response from the athletic department has also gained attention. Alabama is projected to be a top seed in the NCAA tournament, and Miller is expected to be a high lottery pick in the upcoming NBA draft, likely leading to even more scrutiny of the situation.

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