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Paradox announces new games and expansions, including Cities: Skylines II

Paradox Announces Cities: Skylines II and more

Strategy specialists Paradox unveiled a suite of new games and expansion packs to be released over the next couple of years, including Cities: Skylines II, which has been highly anticipated by fans of the original game. While the trailer focuses on the game’s visuals and doesn’t give much away, the accompanying press release says that Cities: Skylines II lets players create highly detailed cities with realistic transport and economic systems.

Crusader Kings III, another popular title from Paradox, will receive a new expansion called Tours and Tournaments, which focusses on character and RPG elements within the game. Additionally, a brand new game called “Indiana Jones x XCOM” has been unveiled, set in an alternate 1933.

Europa Universalis IV, Paradox’s grand strategy game, will receive its 2168th expansion with Domination. The DLC will offer players new mission trees, government reforms, estate management, and events for several major powers in the game. Other smaller titles, such as Surviving the Aftermath and Mechabellum, were also announced.

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