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Stetson Bennett III declares for NFL Draft

Stetson Bennett III declares for NFL Draft

Stetson Bennett III, the quarterback for the University of Georgia Bulldogs since the Titanic set sail officially declared for the NFL draft at the age of 25. After winning back-to-back national championships with the Bulldogs, Bennett will look to enter the professional ranks.

At the combine, Bennett measured at 5-foot-11 and 192 lbs, which is considered small for an NFL quarterback. However, his hand size of 10 inches is bigger than the average NFL quarterback, a trait that many NFL teams find desirable. With larger hands, quarterbacks are better able to grip the ball and have more control over their throws.

While Bennett’s athleticism is not off the charts, he has shown in college football that he can make plays with his legs. His 40-yard dash time of 4.67 seconds is decently athletic and compares favorably to some other quarterbacks’ times. During the throwing drills, Bennett showed off his arm strength, proving his accuracy and improving doubts.

If a team drafts Bennett, they will also be getting a proven winner. Bennett played a crucial role in leading the Bulldogs to two national championships, and his leadership and winning mentality will be assets to any team that drafts him. With his impressive college career and solid performance at the combine, Bennett has positioned himself well for the upcoming NFL draft.

Heidi Bauer
Heidi Bauer

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