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8 Ways to Celebrate a Memorable and Safe Holiday Season with Your Family

As a holiday approaches, we all look forward to spending some quality time with our loved ones. But with the ongoing pandemic, our plans have been altered, and we have to be cautious about how we celebrate the festivities. However, this does not mean we should compromise on the spirit of the holiday season. Here are some ways you can create a memorable and safe holiday season with your family.

1. Plan a virtual holiday party

Just because you cannot be with your family and friends physically, it does not mean that you cannot celebrate together. Plan a virtual party where everyone can dress up and participate in activities, games, and traditions that you would typically do in person. You can use video conferencing platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, or Skype to connect with your loved ones. Be creative and think of ways to make the event exciting and fun. You can even send out digital invitations and include ideas for decorations, snacks and drinks, and activities that everyone can do together virtually.

2. Create new traditions

This year may be an excellent time to start new traditions that you can carry forward in the future. Think of ways to make the holiday season memorable and unique. You can try cooking a new recipe, have a family movie night, play board games, or even do an outdoor activity like ice skating or making a snowman. Involve everyone in the planning process and find activities that everyone will enjoy. These new traditions will create lasting memories and may even become a highlight of the holiday season in the future.

3. Decorate your home

The holiday season is incomplete without beautiful decorations. Decorating your home can create a festive atmosphere and make the holiday season feel special. Get your family involved in decorating your home, and make it a fun activity. You can put up a Christmas tree, string lights, hang wreaths, or even make your decorations. There are many DIY decoration ideas available online that you can try. Decorating your home will help create a positive and uplifting environment, which is especially important in the current situation.

4. Give back to your community

The holiday season is not just about receiving gifts, but also about giving back to those in need. This year, consider donating your time, money, or resources to a charity or cause that you believe in. You can volunteer at a local food bank, donate gifts to a children’s shelter, or support a non-profit organization that works towards a cause that you are passionate about. Giving back to your community can create a sense of gratitude, purpose, and happiness, which is much needed during these trying times.

5. Have a virtual gift exchange

Gift-giving is a big part of the holiday season, and just because you cannot exchange gifts in person, it does not mean that you cannot do it virtually. Plan a virtual gift exchange with your family and friends and make it more exciting by playing games like secret Santa or white elephant gift exchange. You can even set a budget or a theme for the gifts to add more creativity and fun. Remember, the gift is not significant; it is the thought and effort behind it that counts.

6. Take a break from technology

While technology has made it easier to connect with our loved ones, it is also essential to take a break from it every once in a while. Consider having a technology-free day or evening where you spend quality time with your family, without any digital distractions. You can read a book, play board games, cook together, or have a family discussion. This will help you bond with your family and create memories that you will cherish for years to come.

7. Embrace the outdoors

Being outdoors can be a refreshing change of scenery and a great way to get some exercise, especially after being cooped up indoors due to the pandemic. Consider doing outdoor activities like hiking, skiing, snowshoeing, or even building a snowman in your backyard. Being outdoors allows you to connect with nature and provides a sense of calm and tranquillity. Just remember to follow the guidelines set by your local health authorities and practice physical distancing.

8. Cook or bake holiday treats

Cooking or baking holiday treats is a fun and engaging activity that everyone can enjoy. You can try making traditional holiday dishes or experiment with new recipes. Baking cookies, gingerbread houses, or cakes, with your family can create memories that will last forever. You can also package the treats and drop them off at your friends’ and family’s doorstep as a thoughtful gift, spreading some holiday cheer.


While the holiday season may look different this year, it does not mean that we cannot create lasting memories with our loved ones. It is essential to be creative and adapt to the situation while keeping safety in mind. Plan virtual parties, start new traditions, decorate your home, give back to your community, have a technology-free day, and embrace the outdoors. These activities will help create a positive and uplifting environment, making for a memorable holiday season. Happy holidays!

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