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Capcom Reveals New Details About Upcoming Resident Evil: Death Island CG Film

Capcom Showcase stream revealed the upcoming Resident Evil: Death Island CG film, giving fans another look into the action-packed horror franchise. The trailer showcased the beloved characters from the Resident Evil universe, including Chris Redfield, Leon S. Kennedy, and Jill Valentine. However, unlike Chris and Leon, Jill seems to have stopped aging entirely since Residen Evil 2, and Capcom offers a storyline explanation for it.

Resident Evil: Death Island Takes Place Between RE6 and RE7

The film follows two separate storylines where Leon tries to save a kidnapped doctor while Chris investigates a zombie outbreak in California. Jill joins them later after a T-virus rehabilitation session. The precise nugget of information regarding Jill’s de-aging is that the side effect of the T-virus infection that she got during Resident Evil 3 Remake is “slowed aging,” as revealed by the official Death Island Twitter in a new character bio post.

The RE storyline sets the stage for the events in Death Island between RE6 and RE7, where Jill aged 23 received the T-virus infection. According to Capcom’s official RE timeline, RE3 took place in 1998, and Death Island takes place in 2015. Therefore Jill’s current age is around 40 years old, while Leon and Chris are 38 and 42, respectively.

Although Capcom did not age Jill alongside the male characters, the decision seems to be influenced by societal norms that deem women aging naturally as less desirable. The gaming industry has been guilty of such measures previously as seen in the Street Fighter 6 game that barely shows Chun-Li’s aging.

Resident Evil’s CG Film Series

Notably, Death Island will mark the fifth movie in the Resident Evil CG films series. The previous four include Resident Evil Degeneration (2006), Damnation (2012), Vendetta (2017), and Infinite Darkness (2021). These films are popular among fans despite their apparent lack of quality. The movie series is exciting for fans of the acclaimed horror video game franchise, and Death Island is no different as it features popular characters from the universe like Chris, Leon, and Jill.


Although the Resident Evil: Death Island storyline seems interesting, this film will also shed light on the notable issue with the portrayal of female characters in the gaming industry. Jill’s de-aging is likely an arbitrary creative decision that caters to societal norms, rather than a logical plot development. Nevertheless, we’re excited to see what Capcom has in store for fans of the Resident Evil franchise!

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