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Super Mario 64 player completes tool-assisted method for collecting infamous 1-up mushroom

Nine years ago, a Super Mario 64 player made gaming history by wall-jumping his way up the slide in Cool, Cool Mountain and grabbing a 1-up mushroom. But the feat didn’t end there, as a new challenge emerged: could players grab the mushroom without dying at all? Years later, a speedrunner has finally answered that question, using special tools to achieve the seemingly impossible.

The Legacy of Super Mario 64

First released on the Nintendo 64 in 1996, Super Mario 64 is considered one of the greatest video games of all time. It was Mario’s first foray into 3D and set the standard for future 3D platformers. The game includes a variety of challenges, such as items and enemies located in hard-to-reach places, which have kept fans engaged for years.

One item, in particular, has become a fixation for the Super Mario 64 community. The aforementioned 1-up mushroom in Cool, Cool Mountain had only been grabbed once before, with the player dying in the process. However, a new strategy has been discovered using tool-assisted methods that allow players to collect the prized mushroom without perishing.

The Tool-Assisted Method

Mario speedrunner PaLiX uploaded a video showcasing their new strategy to collect the elusive 1-up mushroom. Using an exploit involving the game’s floor calculations, PaLiX jumps between two walls for over an hour, eventually reaching a point where Mario appears to freeze. However, they are able to break free and perform a butt stomp to collect the coveted mushroom.

While the strategy uses emulation tools to achieve a perfect execution, it’s still an exciting accomplishment for the Super Mario 64 community. It raises the question of whether this feat can be achieved on an N64 or other platforms without the aid of tools. Given the game’s history of impressive feats and glitches discovered by players, it’s certainly a possibility.

The Enduring Appeal of Super Mario 64

More than 25 years after its release, players continue to speedrun Super Mario 64, develop mods and hacks, and discover new secrets hidden within the game. The enduring appeal of the game lies in its innovative design and the sense of accomplishment players feel when they achieve these feats.

One of the most famous glitches in Super Mario 64 is the “Parallel Universe” glitch, discovered in 2014. The glitch allows players to access areas of the game that were previously thought to be inaccessible. Since its discovery, players have used this glitch to discover new secrets and hidden items,

The discovery of the tool-assisted method for collecting the 1-up mushroom in Cool, Cool Mountain adds to the legacy of Super Mario 64 and reveals the continuing fascination of the game for both players and the broader gaming community.

The Future of Super Mario 64

As the game approaches its 30th anniversary, many players continue to ask the question: what’s next for Super Mario 64?

One possibility is a re-release on modern consoles, allowing a new generation to experience the classic game in high definition. Nintendo has already released other classic games, such as Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda, on their Switch console, so it’s not out of the question.

Another possibility is the creation of new mods and hacks that offer players new challenges and experiences within the game. With the game’s enduring popularity, it’s likely that new discoveries and innovations will continue to be made by players and enthusiasts for years to come.


The discovery of the tool-assisted method for collecting the 1-up mushroom in Cool, Cool Mountain is the latest in a long line of achievements by the Super Mario 64 community. As players continue to discover new secrets and glitches within the game, it’s clear that the game’s legacy will continue to endure for years to come.

Whether through re-releases on modern consoles or creative new mods and hacks, Super Mario 64 will continue to captivate players and inspire new generations of gaming enthusiasts. The possibilities are endless, and that’s what makes Super Mario 64 such an enduring classic of the video game world.

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