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Nintendo Fans Disappointed with Mario Movie Announcement

During tonight’s Nintendo Direct, there was a big announcement that left many fans disappointed. The presentation included the third and final Mario movie trailer and was hosted by series creator Shigeru Miyamoto. As always, Nintendo saved the biggest news for the very end of the show.

One More Thing

When Miyamoto said that he had “one more thing to share”, fans became excited. However, the announcement was not what they had hoped for. Miyamoto revealed that Nintendo had recreated the boots that Mario wears in the movie, and that they will be on display at the Nintendo World Store in New York City.


The audience was left with many questions after the announcement. Why did they choose to recreate the boots, which are not the most iconic part of Mario’s outfit? Fans were disappointed that they did not see an announcement about a new F-Zero game or the return of the GameCube. Instead, the announcement seemed to be pointless.


Many fans criticized the announcement, calling it a waste of time. They couldn’t understand why Nintendo would choose to focus on something as simple as boots when they had so many other exciting announcements to make. The boots themselves were also criticized, as they looked like orthopaedic platform footwear for pensioners and had a weird button shape.

Alternative Announcements

Many fans suggested that Nintendo should have announced something more exciting, like a new game or console. They also suggested that if they were going to recreate something from Mario’s outfit, it should have been the iconic red hat with the M on it. Fans joked that if there were a series of announcements, Japan would get the hat, Europe would get the overalls, and Australasia would get the moustache or socks.

Nintendo’s Response

Nintendo did not respond to the criticism and disappointment surrounding the announcement. However, many fans speculated that it was simply a publicity stunt to bring more people into the Nintendo World Store in New York City. Others suggested that it may have been a collaboration with a fashion brand or another company.

The Importance of Publicity

Regardless of the reason for the announcement, it highlights the importance of publicity in the gaming industry. Nintendo knows that its fans are passionate and will react strongly to any announcement, even if it is something as simple as boots. By creating a buzz around the announcement, they generated more interest in the Nintendo World Store and the Mario movie.

The Future of Nintendo

The announcement may have been disappointing, but it does not represent the future of Nintendo. The company has a strong track record of creating innovative games and consoles that appeal to a wide range of audiences. As the gaming industry continues to evolve, Nintendo will continue to innovate and surprise its fans with exciting announcements.

The Power of Fan Feedback

While the announcement was met with disappointment, it also generated a lot of feedback from fans. This feedback is valuable to Nintendo, as it helps them understand what their fans want and how they can improve their products. By listening to fan feedback, Nintendo can continue to create better games and consoles that appeal to their audiences.

The Future of Mario

The Mario franchise is one of the most iconic and beloved video game franchises of all time. While the announcement was not about a new game, it does not mean that there aren’t exciting things in store for the franchise. With the success of recent games like Super Mario Odyssey and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, there is no doubt that Mario will continue to be a major part of Nintendo’s future.


In conclusion, the announcement about the boots at the Nintendo World Store in New York City was a disappointment to many fans. However, it highlights the importance of publicity in the gaming industry and the power of fan feedback. While fans may have to wait for exciting new announcements, they can take comfort in knowing that Nintendo will continue to innovate and surprise them with exciting new games and consoles in the future.

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