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Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 Player Creates Ride That Takes Over 3 Quinvigintillion Years to Finish

Roller Coaster Tycoon 2, a popular PC game that was released back in 2002, is still being actively played today in the year 2023. While some players use fancy mods or open-source ports to enhance their gameplay, there are also purists like YouTuber Marcel Vos who prefer experimenting with the original version. Vos recently created a roller coaster that takes over 3 quinvigintillion years to complete in real life – an impossible feat that he achieved without the use of mods.

Building the Ride

To create this incredibly long roller coaster, Vos had to construct a track that was almost entirely flat with very few hills or dips. The train moves very slowly along this track and when it reaches the end, it reverses direction due to specific ride options. This return trip takes even longer than the initial journey, and the coaster has to make this seven times before the ride is considered complete. This ride itself takes over two years to finish – an impressive length, but not nearly as long as it sounds.

Syncing Roller Coasters

Vos’s impressive creation is made up of not just one roller coaster, but 253 smaller coasters that are all synced with the larger, slow-moving coaster. Once the large coaster finishes its two-year journey, one of the smaller coasters begins its own ride, which is timed to coincide with a coaster that will complete its ride next, and so on. By the time you reach the final roller coaster in this chain, the length of the ride is so long that it’s difficult to even comprehend.

To help us understand just how mind-bogglingly long this ride really is, Vos breaks it down by comparing it to counting every atom in the known universe. If you were to count one atom every year of everything in existence, you would complete the task around the same time that the Universe Coaster would be finishing its journey. This ride is so long that it would take several lifetimes to complete, even if you were traveling at the speed of light.

Downloading the Ride

In addition to creating this incredible roller coaster, Vos has also made the ride available for download so that other Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 players can experience it for themselves. However, be warned: the ride itself will never actually finish, as it is designed to go on for an eternity. Pack some snacks and prepare to settle in for the long haul if you want to experience this unbelievable roller coaster for yourself.

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