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 TCN Realism Season 2 - Week 7
Greetings Commanders,

This is our last week of the season before playoffs - so make those points count! Playoffs will begin April, 27th, the Sunday after Easter. The teams/units participating in the playoffs (based on the standings) will be announced sometime next week, as well as the first map of the week for playoffs.

The schedule for this week is as follows:

Week 7 Information
Map Report
Default Match Date: 4/13/2014
Match Server:
Map of the Week: dod_thunder_b4

[ 7:00PM EST]
505th PIR Vs. 11th CID

[ 8:00PM EST]
No. 7 Vs. 10th MD

[ 9:00PM EST]
7th RT Vs. 1st Orange

1st SAS Vs. BYE

Click read more to cast you votes and predictions for this week's match!
Posted At 2014-04-08 20:08:42
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