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TCN 6v6 Season 11 - Playoffs Information
Greetings all,

We will be having a one week break between regular season and playoffs to allow for any make-up matches for ffw's and unplayed matches only. The last day to play a make-up match or change rosters will be this Sunday (8/09/15), after that rosters will lock for playoffs. Matches played against the same team to cover a no show will be accepted as long as they are played on different maps. To report a make-up match either contact an admin to have the match listed or post the screenshots of post-game scores in the "Scheduling" section of the forums. In total 8 teams will be eligible for this seasons playoffs.

8/12/15 - POW1 - [dod_argentan]
8/19/15 - POW2 - [dod_lennon]
8/26/15 - POW3 - [BO3 Vote]

Posted At 2015-08-04 18:31:50
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